James Chescappio Memorial Learning Centre

The James Chescappio Memorial Learning Centre (JCMLC) is housed near Jimmy Sandy Memorial School in Kawawachikamach. After being closed for over a year, it reopened in the end of summer 2020 with two new teachers. Adult education courses are offered there, and the teachers are available to help students who wish to complete their Adult General Education. Since JCMLS follows the Québec ministry of education programs, additional information about adult education can be found here.

We also have counselors in academic training to provide support to students, including assistance related to developing an education plan or career plan, help determining the education or career path that might be best suited for the student.

We will continue to support an annual Education and Career Fair, in addition to collaborating with a variety of schools that are offering virtual open house opportunities as a way of working around the pandemic and meeting students’ needs. The next Education and Career Fair is currently in the planning stage and will take place, online, from January 18-20, 2021.

Check back for more information in the coming weeks and months!