Summer Rent Request Form 2022

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I am requesting that the Naskapi Education Committee pay my rent for the following summer months:

May Rent Amount for each month
June Rent Amount for each month
July Rent Amount for each month
August Rent Amount for each month

Indicate below the name(s) of all individuals that are on your lease

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I agree that I will NOT be subletting the house/apartment which address appears in this present form.

I confirm that I have been accepted to return to school for this coming FALL Semester. Should this situation change, I acknowledge that I will be required to reimburse the FULL amount ($) of any rent assistance I may have received.

NOTE: ALL payments will be DEPOSITED DIRECTLY to the student’s bank account.

It is the student’s responsibility to pay the rent to his/her landlord.

Choose and check off only ONE (1) of the boxes below:

Applicants are required to supply the following documents in order to be considered for the Summer Rent Assistance.

NOTE: NO rent assistance will be released until ALL requested documents have been received.

1. An original rent receipt that includes the landlord’s information OR a Lease Agreement with the landlord/rental information.

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2. A letter from your landlord confirming that you are NOT subletting your apartment.

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3. A letter of good standing from your educational institution. If you are subletting to another person, there should be a contract between the student and the renter for insurance purposes.

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Apartment - Monthly Rates for:
City 1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms
Chicoutimi/Saguenay $ 555 $ 1176 $ 1171
Montreal $ 880 $ 1027 $ 1356
North Bay $ 872 $ 1076 $ 1367
Ottawa $ 1286 $ 1556 $ 1881
Québec $ 839 $ 971 $ 1232
Sept-Iles $ 610 $ 741 $ 859
Toronto $ 1806 $ 1835 $ 1966