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Please note that while receiving a student allowance from the NEC, a student should not be receiving funding from another source (employment income, another ISC project, EI, social assistance, etc.). If your spouse is receiving funding from another source, then he/she should not be claimed as a dependent. If a spouse is getting funding from another Band to attend school, then only one parent can claim the children on their allowance . A student should not be receiving social assistance for dependent children.

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Is your spouse considered a student under any Post-Secondary Funding Program supported by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)?

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I hereby certify that the above information given in this form is true, exact, and complete. I hereby authorize the Naskapi Education Committee and its agents to verify that the information provided in this form is accurate. I understand that any false information given in this form or any omission may lead to action against me and/or suspension of my funding. I agree that I have not asked for any funding from another Band or from the provincial Loans and Bursaries Program (Aide financière aux études). I agree to inform the Naskapi Education Committee or its agents if my situation changes (living situation, student status, contact information).